Law Firms

Integrity - Honesty - Safety

Whether dealing with criminal law, family law, or even compliance issues, law firms have a great amount of responsibility.  The issues for which firms deal with may drastically impact the lives of those involved, or may even impact laws and regulations that will affect the general public.  The work must be completed with diligence.  McClintock Defense Agency LLC is dedicated to providing law firms the best investigative practices possible and ensuring the safety and security of all parties.

Investigations – McClintock Defense Agency LLC has years of experience in criminal law, family law, compliance investigations, and intelligence.  We are able to provide reliable and accurate investigations in support of you and your clients.  Ranging from defense, case review and prep, interviews, to surveillance.

Intelligence Reports - Often referred as "due diligence" or "investigative searches", our intelligence reports compile extensive intelligence in regards to people and businesses.  Be prepared and make optimal decisions using the intelligence gathered.

Security – Law Firms, and lawyers themselves, deal with tense issues which may result in angry and unhappy parties often leading to threats and possible violence.  Productivity is stalled within the workplace and employees when threats are not properly dealt with.  Our security services are provided to firms, lawyers, and clients when these threats arise.

Asset Assurance – Asset assurance provides an impartial third party to be present during the division of assets.  Often used during divorce or business issues.  We have found when this service is provided, tension between all parties is limited resulting in a safer and efficient process.

Intelligence Reports

Intelligence reports assist you in making the best informed decisions.  Information is power and these reports provide the information you need.