Business Efficiency

It's almost every other day we hear about a catastrophe occurring at a workplace.  More often than not, these catastrophes are caused by disgruntled employees or disgruntled customer.  These situations often result in injury or death of innocent workers and bystanders.  Not only are the lives of everyone involved severely impacted, but so to is the business itself.  Due to the tragic events, the company loses workflow, productivity, employees, and may even be subject to lawsuits.  All of which costs enormous sums of money.  McClintock Defense Agency LLC is dedicated to preventing these events from occurring and preserving the life of your business and the lives of your employees.

Security – Our covert security services are provided to preserve the life of your business and save the lives of your employees, doing so without disrupting the businesses daily operations and productivity.  These services also include VIP/Executive Protection and security services for events and venues.

Workplace Violence – Violence in the workplace continues to be a growing issue in the United States.  From an small fight between coworkers, threats made by customers, to physical violence - you should never take any threat lightly.  Even when you need to fire an employee, your HR department needs to take every precaution in doing so.

Workplace Investigations – Claims are often made against companies, executives, HR departments, and even other employees.  These complaints may range from EEO, sexual harassment, fraud, coercion, etc. Often, a company may need to investigate employees for theft, fraud, deception, etc. 

Threat Assessment - Threat assessments are conducted to provide a business with a comprehensive report on safety concerns and possible threats.  This may range from assessing a physical building to current emergency plans.

Intelligence Reports – Intelligence reports are often produced on individuals as well as other businesses.  Whether hiring a new executive or employee, seeking a new partnership, or even acquiring a new business, these reports provide the intelligence needed to make the optimal decisions.

Intelligence Reports

Gather the intelligence needed to make the optimal decision for your business.