McClintock Defense Agency LLC

McClintock Defense Agency LLC was created to fulfill the growing need for exceptional security and investigative services in both the public and private sectors.

As our world continues to advance in technology, information, and intelligence, so does our vulnerability to threats and our security.  McClintock Defense Agency LLC strives to implement the best practices in order to provide the most current and efficient services in this advancing world.


Owner Profile

Michael McClintock

Michael McClintock grew up in a small Indiana town but was originally from Chicago, and now resides in Colorado.  He is a family man with 5 kids, loves the outdoors, and has always had a calling to serve others.  His experience in public service includes firefighter, EMT, law enforcement, Air Force Security Forces, and a state criminal investigator.  With his vast background, Michael wanted to continue to serve the public, therefore created McClintock Defense Agency LLC to provide exceptional services the public may not otherwise have.

As a firefighter and an EMT, Michael began to learn the importance of efficient communication, trust, and teamwork during stressful and often dangerous situations.  He also began to learn and understand human behavior and the importance it plays in every situation, such as when to have empathy or when there is a threat.

Michael's experience in the Air Force Security Forces gave him the knowledge and experience of all aspects of security.  This included the basics of an operational security force, perimeter security, resource protection to include assets and buildings, point of entry security, threat assessments, dignitary protection law enforcement, etc.  While deployed, Michael was hand selected by the unit commander for the Intelligence and Investigations unit and to conduct high profile investigations.  He was also the NCOIC of the defense biometric identification system, which was a multi million dollar first line of defense security system.

Michael's career then led him to become a Chicago Police Officer, where he worked in one of the city's and country's most dangerous neighborhoods.  There, he excelled in learning about law, criminal behavior, investigations, and honed in his tactics.  From murder to burglary, illegal weapons to narcotics, Michael was able to experience significant amount of diverse cases.  He worked on a tactical team where he was tasked with gang activity, securing the city's major events, coordinating with outside agencies and lawyers, conducting search warrants, and more.

His career then led him to become a Criminal Investigator for the State of Colorado where he obtained new skills, which included compliance investigations.  From there, he wanted to bring his skills to the public and began MDA.